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Going Green - Environmental Care @ NSP

Everywhere we can; we look after the environment that is so precious to us. We make sure minimal refuse ends up in landfills. We ensure fluids and chemicals do not contaminate the earth or water.

LED Lighting

     We have switched most of our shop and residential lighting not only from florescent to LED. This not only is great for the environment (less power consumption and no mercury in the bulbs) but it also allows us to be more efficient cost wise (helping to keep our prices down).

We will update you with more as we can.

Waste Oils

     We have plans for winter 2014 to heat our shop with waste oil that we have scavenged from engine crankcases and transmissions. When burned properly (with adequate oxygen) this is the most environmentally friendly way of waste oil disposal.

Solar & Wind Power

     Running CNC equipment; we cannot use a power source as unreliable as small off-grid wind or solar. But for all else; such as lighting, small tools, etc., we can. Starting 2015 we will be switching to solar power for lighting, and wind power for small tools. Not because we have to; but because we can.

Scrap Metals

     We make sure all metal parts removed (head bolts, head gaskets, scrap parts) are recycled properly and do not end up in land-fills. Also; metal machining scrap is picked up occasionally by a scrap collection company.

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Engine Mounts - click here!

Engine Mounts - click here!

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