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Cadillac Northstar Head Gasket Repair Services 4.6/4.4/4.0L engines

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Nobody does it like we do! For 6 years now we've been the "go-to" guys for fixing the notorious Cadillac overheating problem. We have a Patented repair system that we use to completely eliminate the head gasket issues that the Cadillac Northstar engine has. When we've completed our job; it's not just fixed....it's stronger and more durable than new!

There's a few guys out there who have tried to copy our business. But there's a few reasons we're still number one. We care more. We spend more time cleaning engine parts and taking care when we fix your car. We have more experience. 600+ Northstars behind us, even GM dealers nearby send us cars for repair. They trust our work.

My business philosophy is this: "If we can do such a great job that you will refer me to a fellow Cadillac owner, we will stay busy. We will have work without having to do much advertising. My reviews will be good." That's what I want - for your repairs to last so you will tell your friends, family and neighbors about the great service we offer!

Why Bring Your Car To US?

     I'm speaking to you as both the shop owner and also a guy who has been in your position: Driving a Cadillac that overheated and put me in a real tough spot; multiple times. Unless you've been in that position; you can't speak from experience. I know exactly what people want and expect: 1) The problem to be fixed, knowing for SURE that it won't become a problem again; 2) You want the repair done quickly- because you rely on your car for transportation. 3) You don't want surprise bills totalling more than the original quote. Last but not least; you want to be absolutely certain that you're leaving your Cadillac in the hands of someone who will treat it like it was a Picasso painting. It should be returned to you with no scratches, no marks, no grease on the leather, etc.

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How experienced are we?

     Well, I will leave that for you to judge. We have repaired over 500 Northstars since 2008. Engines and cars have been shipped to us from 32 states and 7 Canadian provinces. GM dealers have sent us cars for repair, and we have one patent and another pending on our repair system. Our employees, family of the owner; all drive Northstar powered cars. We know our stuff. We know where to check for cracks, how to address common problems; where to get the best parts.


     5 years or 100,000 miles against head gasket failure. (That's 166,000km in the metric system!) You read correctly. Our Patented repair system (Patent #8,740,532) allows us to offer a warranty that nobody else can match. Ask about our lifetime warranty for an extra cost (includes MLS gasket upgrade).

How much do we charge?

     You can find our current price list by clicking Here

How the repair is done:

     We carefully remove the engine to perform all of the repairs. We remove the engine through the top VERY CAREFULlY. Nothing gets scratched or broken. The hood doesn't even have to be removed. The A/C system will not need to be recharged because we don't disconnect any lines. The brake system, subframe, all stays in place. All we need to do is remove the right front wheel and the radiator. We have this down to a science. We know where every single bolt goes. Not one bolt or nut will be missing or out of place when the repairs are finished. It will look like your car had never been touched (but we will show you pictures of the work).

Customer's Question: I'm coming from a long distance. How can I trust an engine that had just been removed/reinstalled?

     Very simply; work quality will not be compromised. You can fully trust our services. We run the engine for about 45 minutes after the repairs are complete; and with permission of the owner we will take it for a 10 minute test drive as well. If no trouble codes pop up in the engine computer, and if there are no leaks of any kind; temperature stays normal, you're good to go. Take it next day on a 3,000 mile trip across the country. You're safe to do so. It's because of our attention to detail that we have achieved such recognition and great reviews.

Customer's Question: How come GM doesn't fix these like you do?

     Many GM dealers already have switched to our repair method and buy the SureGrip stud kits from us. We have top-level GM executives bringing us their Northstar cars for repair from Detroit. GM is a wonderful company; they build GREAT cars and great engines. The Sure-Grip stud system has not become the official "GM Fix". But their dealers are switching to our product; so I guess we're doing something right.

Customer's Question: You really have a patent on your studs?

     We have one patent that has been recently approved and one under review. If you search the internet long enough; you will find proof of this.

Customer's Question: How does you having a patent affect us Northstar owners?

     It guarantees that we can get our product to market faster and have an edge on the market that we otherwise would not. We want our system to become the standard of Northstar repair; but we do not want our system copied. That's only fair to us; for inventing something that benefits the public so very much. Nobody wants to go through this amount of time, effort, and expense to invent; develop; amd mass produce something just to have our work swiped by the competition.

Customer's Question: How do I get my car fixed by you?

     Call us at 888-800-9470. Be persistent with us; we usually answer phones but if not; leave a voicemail or send us a text/email. When we're in the process of finishing up a car; we are focused solely on that. I will not drop a torque wrench to answer the phone. Disassembly is one thing; but when you're torquing head studs, you don't stop for anyone. That's how involved we are with these. We would rather miss a call then forget to torque a bolt. But yes; call us up and make an appointment. Email works just as well.

Customer's Question: Can I pick-up or drop off my car on weekends?

     Often; yes. All we need is advance notice of this. Please be advised: We like animals! We have dogs. Most of the time they're friendly; but if we are not at the shop; they're on guard-duty. No gaurantees that they will be friendly. So please do not come without having an appointment first. Our dogs are always chained if we're expecting a visitor or a customer.

Customer's Question: Do you work on anything else besides Northstars?

     No. we are set up for one thing; we have all the correct tools for Northstars. We are here to help Northstar owners; period. Alright; we will wrench on two other engines ONLY. The 3.5L V6 found in the Olds Aurora and the 3.6L found in the Cadillac CTS/SRX/STS. But only when we're not busy with Northstars. And that time rarely comes.

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