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Torque Specifications / Instructions:

For all 1993-2005 Northstar Performance Cylinder Head Studs

Current Production
1st pass: 30 FT. LBS.
2nd pass: 60 FT. LBS.
3rd/final pass: 75 FT. LBS. Factory Sequence (X pattern from center outward)

Note: Use no lube or oil on threads. No torque on the studs into the block, large diameter of studs must be countersunk approx. 1/16" (0.0625) below block deck surface to ensure proper head gasket seal. Use thread locker only on large diameter of stud, not on the nuts.

- Do not force the studs, do not heat the studs with a torch. Doing so will cause damage to the heat treat and cause stud failure.

- The four studs with the shoulder go into the upper right and left corners of the block to take place of the original alignment sleeves.

- On 2000-2005 engines, the longer studs are for the top row of head bolt holes, the shorter ones in the bottom row.

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