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PRC Transmission/Engine Mounts for the 3800 V6 and Aurora 3.5L V6!

We now manufacture and sell indestructible 3800 Transmission Mounts.

You know, that front transmission mount that you keep having to replace? Why not replace it with one that has a lifetime warranty? We took our mount that we developed for the Northstar engines and made a new fixture, did some modification, and we now have mounts that will fit your 3800 cars (and the Oldsmobile Auroras with the 3.5 V6)

Here we have what we call the PRC Engine Mount (positive-rubber-compression). Instead of pulling rubber apart when you accelerate, like the OEM mounts are designed to do, our mounts compress rubber against heavy guage steel and are made with CNC machined, roll-threaded studs. These mounts have a life-time warranty with us, (part replacement, labor charges not covered). If your car can break these mounts, we will send you another one. Just pay the shipping charges.

You will experience little to no increase in vibration. Our customers are reporting that they like the increased feel in throttle response (less powertrain roll). Perfect for both the naturally aspirated 3800s, the supercharged L67 cars, and also your hopped up 3800s!

This mount is a direct replacement for the 2001-2002 Oldsmobile Aurora with the 3.5L V6 engine.

$125.00 USD + shipping ($14 for priority mail shipping)

*****Installation Note*****

This mount is direct fit: There is no need to drill any holes. This mount will fit perfectly without any modifications to your car. Just ensure the center bolt is aligned right to left in your vehicle and not frontward to backward.

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Engine Mounts - click here!

Engine Mounts - click here!

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