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Multi-Layer-Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets

We have teamed up with The Flat-Out Group (Illinois, USA) to bring you the best of the best when it comes to replacement head gaskets. Multi-Layer-Steel is quite the step up from conventional composite head gaskets. They're also about 4 times the price so if you're looking to save money this is not the way to go. However, if you want gaskets that are as durable as the cylinder head stud kit that we sell, these are for you!

Custom made to our specifications at factory compressed thickness (will not alter your compression ratio) and factory bore of 93mm, these MLS gaskets will ensure that you won't have to pull your engine out again.

One note with MLS, you must make very sure that your head/block surfaces are extremely staight and there is no pitting, scratches, score marks, etc. These gaskets need a good surface for proper sealing.

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Engine Mounts - click here!

Engine Mounts - click here!

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