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Northstar Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Oil Requirements

All 1993-1999 Cadillac Northstar V8s use 10w30 Engine oil. Capacity is 7.5 quarts, or 7.1 liters including oil filter.

All 2000-2011 Cadillac Northstar V8s use 5w30 Engine oil. Capacity on all front wheel drive cars is 7.5 quarts, or 7.1 liters including oil filter.

Engine Oil Supplements

The only engine oil supplement I will recommend or allow the use of under engine warranty, is GM "Engine Oil Supplement" available through GM dealers. Part number 88862587. This is rich in ZDDP and is not only a good idea but required to save the camshafts on 1993-1999 Northstars as they are flat tappet cams. Add only one bottle to your crankcase at oil change and replace at a 1:1 ratio (so subtract 1 pint of engine oil and add one pint of EOS).

Engine Coolant Type and Change Interval

All 1993-1994 Cadillac Northstar Engines used standard green, low silicate engine coolant. Starting in 1995 GM introduced "DexCool" coolant and all Northstars from this point forward came with this from the assembly plant. Change interval was 5 years or 100,000 miles. At Northstar Performance we recommend the following: Flush your cooling system, and use standard green, low silicate universal engine coolant. Commonly referred to as its chemical formulation: Ethylene glycol. Most of the time this is dyed green. The reason I recommend this is because I have seen the OEM formulation of DexCool cause rust in the head gasket cores- to the point where the head gasket itself will fail as the core corrodes away. I have also seen this formulation grow a type of mold that can clog coolant passages, and it becomes so acidic it eats aluminum. Now I am not a chemist. But I have torn down more than 700 Northstars and I see the results. I don't care what argument anyone puts forth to me, an end result is an end result. The early Northstars I've torn down that used standard green coolant from the factory, never had the cores rusted or had any aluminum damage or growing deposits.

Use green, universal antifreeze and be sure to dilute it only up to 50% with distilled water (not tap water).

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