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Stage 4 Package

We are working on a STAGE 4 Performance Package for the 1993-1999 and 2000-2011 Cadillac Northstar V8 engines. This package will consist of custom camshafts (4) and a tuned PCM to match. The 1993-1999 will be released first, roughly the beginning of July or 1st week in August.

The package is $1795.00 including shipping. There is no core charge as of this time, but we most certainly appreciate the donation of the original cams and PCM back to us. The price of $1795 includes shipping to the USA and Canada. For international customers, please send us a message.

These camshafts, along with the tune, will produce between 75-100 horsepower over stock (dyno verification to come) and will still have a decent idle, with a bit of that "hot rod" sound that we all love. You'll have enough vacuum to keep your power brakes and climate control working properly.

*****Currently out of stock******

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