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Northstar Engine Torque Specs

   Use this guide for quick torque references. We will compile this list in our spare time. Email us(do not call please) for additional torque specifications. We prefer to keep the phone lines open for orders.

*Our SureGrip Studs (Torque on nuts)   75 ft. lbs. (dry, no oil)
*Our Main Bearing Studs   40 ft. lbs. (dry, no oil)
Flywheel/Flexplate bolts (M8)   11 ft. lbs. + 50 degrees
Oil Pan   89 in. lbs.
Timing Cover Bolts   89 in. lbs.
Exhaust Manifold to Head   18 ft. lbs.
Connecting Rod Bolt   18 ft. lbs. + 110 degrees
Camshaft Sprocket   89 ft. lbs.
Bellhousing to Engine   55 ft. lbs.
Coolant Temp Sensor   15 ft. lbs.
EGR Valve   18 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Cover   89 in. lbs.
Oil Pump to Lower Crankcase   89 in. lbs. + 35 degrees

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Vehicles We Specialize In

Buick Lucerne (V8)
Pontiac Bonneville GXP
Oldsmobile Aurora

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