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Frequent Questions and Answers

    Q: Why don't you tune my year of Northstar?

    A: Not all years are supported by our software. We are working to develop software for those cars that cannot currently be tuned. Currently supported vehicles and vehicles in development can be found Here

    Q: When will tuning services be available for my car?

    A: There are no set time-lines for new tune releases, nor can we give an approximation. It is best to check our website from time to time, and for sure- stay up to date on our facebook page.

    Q: What oil should I run in my Northstar?

    A: For all 1993-1999 model cars, 10w30 engine oil. For all 2000-2011 models, it's 5w30 engine oil. The capacity is 7.5 quarts with filter change, or 7.1 Liters in metric. We will not recommend a brand of oil. We do recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles (5,000km) and forget about the oil life monitor on the dash.

    Q: Can I run regular gasoline in my Northstar?

    A: Yes. Even if you hear otherwise. Yes. All Northstars came from the factory with a knock sensor (2 on some models) and this knock sensor will adjust the ignition timing between a low octane and high octane spark map. It doesn't matter what some smart-ass in a forum or facebook group told you, this is the truth.

    Q: What type of coolant/antifreeze do you recommend?

    A: We use the tried and true, green colored antifreeze concentrate, mixed with with 30% distilled water. The factory dex-cool coolant becomes acidic over time and people often neglect coolant changes. Green antifreeze (polypropylene glycol) causes less corrosion on the aluminum castings from our experience. Dex-cool actually causes hard crystal formations in the coolant passages if left sitting too long.

    Q: Will any sort of "stop leak in a bottle" fix my head gasket / overheating problems? Do you recommend any?

    A: NO!!! It's your money, but we still care about your money! Don't throw it away by trying products that simply will not work. If you fix it once the first time correctly, you will actually save money and have less headaches.

New Products

  • 2000-2003 PCM Tuning
  • E/K Body Engine Mounts
  • 04-05 PCM Tuning
  • Eagle Forged Rods
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Gasket Sets

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