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Help Stop Patent Infringement - Because It Hurts Us All!

Northstar Performance needs YOUR help in stopping the intellectual property theft that is taking place in the United States on our products. The owner of Northstar Performance holds Patent #8,740,532, a product used to fix Cadillac Northstar engines.

We designed and developed a product that works exceptionally well to repair the common stripped head bolt holes in the block causing head gasket leakage. Because our product works so well, everyone wants it. The problem is, not everyone is respecting who came up with the solution.

Black market head studs for the Northstar are being sold through one or more companies in the USA and installed by about a dozen more. These products infringe on our rights. They are committing illegal acts under United States law. Many of these, are former customers of ours.

So your next question is "how does it hurt me and why do I care?"

Well, think about this. Speaking as the inventor: I had a great idea one day, spent a lot of time and money into research, development, and equipment to develop and bring this product to market, to help YOU. How do you think I feel if you buy from another company; whose sole purpose in life seems to be to drive me out of business? I feel as though I should have kept the idea to myself and never told anyone how I fix these engines. You would be out of luck and left with the products that kept failing. I am the reason today why so many Northstars are running strong down the road. If it was fixed using my patented dual-diameter head stud, you have me to thank for that one.

If inventors keep having their ideas stolen; why on EARTH would they want to release their inventions to the public? Inventors DESERVE to have the rights to their invention and the monetary gain from it, for the 17 years (approximate) that a patent is valid. Ideas are being suppressed EVERY DAY in fear of idea theft. What if I had another idea..... a small simple device that could double the miles-per-gallon on your vehicle? What if; because of what I've been through now with Northstar Performance; I decided not to release this idea to the public? Not fair to anyone, is it? This is why people apply for patents and this is why patents NEED to be respected. To give THE INCENTIVE to invent better things to make people's lives easier and better!

So when you need your Northstar Engine fixed, order your SureGrip Cylinder Head Studs/Stud Kit from the company who has the granted Patent rights to it. You will receive better quality products, better service, properly engineered parts and you will be respecting United States Patent Laws. If your shop tells you they're getting studs from us, request proof or call us to verify.

If you know of someone who may be infringing on our patent, please contact us, there may be a reward for your help if it leads to a successful infringement case.

I want to keep helping people. I want to keep building Northstar Performance, and keep inventing. So give me a reason to. Help support the company who is helping you.

Support the USA!

So you want to support the USA. I get that- I understand that. I admire your ideals. But do you really think that buying from an infringing company, is supporting your great nation? As a Canadian company, we can understand that we would not be first on your list to do business with. But let's evaluate this. We've paid approximately $25,000 in total legal fees to United States firms and to the United States government, in regards to both patent aquisition and protection. Our product is shipped across the USA using the United States Postal Service. Our steel to make the studs, our machine tooling, drill bits and taps, washers, nuts, thread locker, is all MADE IN USA. In that sense, Northstar Performance is supporting the American economy more than the Canadian economy. The only thing Canadian about us, is the owner and the location in which the parts are made (literally 5 miles North of the border).



Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:

     "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries"

The United States Patent Office says:

     "If you are an intellectual property owner, you should protect your rights. If you are a user, you should respect them. It is just as wrong to steal intellectual property as it is to break into a home, steal a car, or rob a bank."

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