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Northstar Tuning: 4.0,4.6, 4.4 Supercharged

We offer PCM / ECU Tuning for 1996-1999 Cadillacs & Auroras as well as many other GM cars, trucks and SUVs.

Northstar Tuning GM Vehicle Tuning Price List & Vehicle List
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AVAILABLE NOW for 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 Northstars!!!

We offer 4 different custom tunes for your Northstar engine. From saving fuel to more power.

Our Basic Tune will make your Northstar operate more "driver friendly" and help keep the engine cooler (fan speed change).

Our STAGE 1 tune is a fuel economy tune. If you're looking to save fuel; this is for you.

Our STAGE 2 tune is a mild performance tune that will unleash approximately 15 horsepower**.

Our STAGE 3 tune is an all out performance tune that will open your Northstar right up. Approximately 30 horsepower** over stock at the flywheel.

**Based on computer generated graphs and countless hours of road-testing. Actual dyno tests to come soon

Why should you buy a tune?

Well for starters; we lower the fan speeds to keep the engine cooler. This won't fix a bad head gasket but it can extend the life of your engine by keeping the engine cooler by about 12 degees. We also remove the speed limiter. Most people would think this is done so that careless people can break the law. On the contrary- I have always personally believed that vehicles should never have a speed limiter in case of emergency. Put it this way: If you or someone else needs medical attention and can't wait for an ambulance; YOUR vehicle may be the only thing saving a life. Do you really want a speed limiter at that point in time?

There's another reason - for safety and driveability- why I personally believe ALL 96-99 Northstars need a custom tune. If there's an ABS or Traction Control fault; which could be as simple as a bad wheel hub sensor; you lose 1st gear. Want proof? Turn your traction control off.....then try to accelerate. You take off in second gear, slowly. For safety; you need acceleration just as much as you need good brakes. These cars are getting older and you don't want to be stuck in that position where you're trying to take off from a standstill in heavy traffic and you can't accelerate properly. Our tuning will fix that and give you FIRST GEAR again at ALL times including when you turn traction control off or if your car develops an ABS/TC fault.

We are the ONLY company that can offer such in-depth tuning for these engines! Other companies out there will sell you chips and aftermarket gadgets that plug in to your OBD-II port. They DON'T WORK!! What we sell, is professional tuning that uses your existing engine controls that just makes it work the way YOU want it to.

So you want more power? No problem. Want to save fuel? We can do that too. Did you install custom camshafts or a supercharger? We can tune it for you.

We can remove torque management, adjust the timing curve, remove VATS, Remove rev limiters, etc...The possibilities are endless.

We offer a PCM exchange program, on-site programming at our shop, or send your PCM to us and we will send it back reprogrammed. Any one of these 3 options will work. And yes, we will always keep the stock file ready for you if you want to return your vehicle to the OEM programming!

Basic Tune: Only $119.00

- Remove Speed Limiter
- Change Fan Speeds So they keep the engine cooler
- Remove 1st Gear Lockout

Stage 1 / Fuel Economy Tune: Only $149.00

- Enable Closed Loop Operation Sooner
- Adjust the AFR to run a bit leaner at cruise speed
- Lower idle RPM by 50RPM, saving some fuel when sitting in traffic
- Remove Speed Limiter
- Change Fan Speeds So they keep the engine cooler
- Remove 1st Gear Lockout

Stage 2 Performance Tune: $249.00   Approx. 15HP Gain!

- Speed Limiter Removal
- Enable 1st Gear when Traction Control is turned off
- Disable 1st Gear Lockout if the vehicle should ever exhibit an ABS fault allowing full acceleration
- Change Fan Speeds to kick on sooner and keep engine cooler
- Change Power Enrich Delay from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
- Remove all torque management
- Remove torque limiter

Stage 3 Performance Tune: $449.00   Approx. 30HP Gain!

- Speed Limiter Removal
- Enable 1st Gear when Traction Control is turned off
- Disable 1st Gear Lockout if the vehicle should ever exhibit an ABS fault allowing full acceleration
- Change Fan Speeds to kick on sooner and keep engine cooler
- Remove the power enrich delay entirely for maximum performance
- Increase the power enrich AFR
- Remove all torque management
- Remove torque limiter
- Advance ignition timing by 3 degrees (premium fuel highly recommended at this point)

Sending us your PCM / ECM:

There is a $50 USD core charge for all Northstar PCMs - 1996-1999. If we tune one of our PCMs, program it to your car's specific VIN/Serial #, you simply connect the PCM and off you go. If you cannot afford any down time with your vehicle, order a PCM from us first, try it and make sure it works and then send your original back to receive your $50 core credit.

If you have time to wait for shipping a PCM to us and back to you, don't pay the core charge.

When shipping a PCM to us for tuning or returning a core, use the following address:

Northstar Performance
P.O. Box 584
Pembina, ND 58271

Cores must be received within 30 days after payment to be eligible for a core credit, and they must be in good, programmable condition.

Return To Stock Promise:

If you absolutely do not like your new tune, we will reflash your PCM to stock / OEM specifications at no charge- just pay the shipping and handling.

Hot Rod & Sand Rail Stand-Alone PCM tuning:

We are able to tune Northstar PCMs to work in hot-rods, sand rails, and other projects. The engine must be a 93-99 for us to do this. There is a $100 additional licensing fee to do this that we forward to the software engineer that made this possible in appreciation for his efforts. $539 is the charge for a stand-alone PCM that will run your Northstar. We can provide the PCM harness pin-outs and make it work with or without the normally installed 4T80-E transmission. It used to be that you'd have to run an aftermarket standalone ECM on these engines......not anymore. the factory EFI system is EVERY BIT as capable (possibly more-so) to run a Northstar in your hot-rod or sand rail.

For a hot-rod build; we highly recommend using a 93-99 block and crank, with 95-99 heads (date is stamped in the heads). You MUST use the intake manifold from a 1996-1999. We can go into more detail for your build.

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Engine Mounts - click here!

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Vehicles We Specialize In

Buick Lucerne (V8)
Pontiac Bonneville GXP
Oldsmobile Aurora

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