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Frequently Asked Questions:

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How is it possible that you guys can make my car have more power but use LESS fuel?

     We can achieve this by remapping the ignition timing and fuel maps. By advancing the ignition timing we are making the engine more efficient: meaning less fuel is going into the cylinder but we are burning it more completely. This helps the engine run cooler and cleaner, while making more power with less fuel.

Will a performance tune affect the reliability of my car?

     No, not at all. The car will operate just as it did with the original PCM, but you will notice your fuel economy will improve. The only time you'll really notice the power improvement is when you push the throttle past a certain percentage (usually above 50%), such as during passing or hard acceleration.

Do I have to run high-octane fuel with your tunes?

     If you car is not supercharged or turbocharged, you can run regular low-octane fuel (87+) provided your owner's manual says so. If your owner's manual says to run high octane fuel, keep running it. Or, if your car is supercharged or turbocharged, run high octane fuel for sure. We do NOT disable the knock sensors with our tunes, so if your engine starts pre-igniting, the knock sensors will pick up the frequency and retard the timing to compensate.

Where is my PCM Located and what does it look like?

     Your PCM is located either under the hood or under the dash depending on the year. For example, 1993-1995 Cadillacs will have the PCM under the dash on the passenger side. You have to remove the kick panel to see it (easy to do). Also all 1995-1999 Oldsmobile Auroras have the PCM under the dash. 1996 and newer Cadillacs, Buicks, and 2001+ Auroras have the PCM under the hood, right under the air filter box.

Your tunes are close to $500. That seems like a lot of money. Is it worth it?

     Well, that depends on your point of view. A Performance PCM is the CHEAPEST horsepower you will ever buy per dollar. Most production vehicles are de-tuned from the factory and the only way to unlock the true potential is through a good performance tune. You will see guys spending endless amounts of money on exhaust systems, air intake boxes with fancy filters, etc.... you will get more power for your dollar with a PCM tune and it takes FAR less time to install.

Will your performance tunes affect emissions?

     Our tunes DO NOT affect emissions. They will not throw check engine lights, they do NOT disable emissions equipment. If your state or province has mandatory emissions testing, you can drive in being confident that your car will pass, provided all the factory emissions systems are intact and functioning properly.

What kind of gas mileage gains can I expect when I'm cruising down the Interstate, with your tunes?

     Most of our customers are reporting +4 miles per gallon. This will depend largely on how fast you are driving and how much you punch the throttle. If you push the gas pedal to the boards, our tunes will use MORE gas than stock- but when you're cruising the car will run leaner and more efficient. High winds, mountains/hills, cold temperatures, will all affect your fuel economy- but overall you should see a noticeable improvement.

Can you customize my tune for me? (tire size, gear ratio, etc.)

     Yes we can! If you changed your tire size and your speedometer is incorrect, we can fix that with our tuning. Also if you changed your factory gear ratio (ex.: 3.11:1 > 3.71:1), we can compensate for that as well.

Can you remove the anti-theft system (VATS?)

     We can, but there may be an additional charge involved depending on the vehicle. Please inquire for details.

Can I send my original PCM in for a core credit?

     You can- yes. Cores are usually worth only around $50. We suggest you keep your factory PCM, because if you ever need a replacement PCM due to an electronics fault, it'll cost you far more than $50 to get another PCM with programming to your car. If you keep your original, you always have a spare that's ready to swap right in and go.

Are your tunes "plug and play" or do I have to go to a dealer for programming?

     93-99s are plug and play. 2006-2011 will need a key re-learn done, but you can do this yourself in your driveway with no tools (takes 30 minutes). Make sure when you install your PCM that you disconnect the vehicle battery first (one terminal is fine).

I don't want my speed limiter removed. Is that ok?

     We will customize the tune for you. While our tunes come with the speed limiter removed, we can set the speed limiter to any number you like. Keep it stock, or set it lower for a teen that's learning to drive. We can remove it, or even set it to 65 MPH for fleet vehicles. The choice is yours, just email us with your request!

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